John Eastman is an abstract painter, wood sculpture-furniture designer, and mixed media installation artist. He currently works in several studios in Pittsburgh, PA.

Eastman is a native of South Western Pennsylvania, frequents multiple areas of Europe, and New Mexico. He started as a self taught abstract painter of large works in 2002, and began to exhibit in galleries and museums within 3 years, adding wood sculpture and furniture to his body of work in 2010. In the past year, his work has evolved into designing and building small buildings wrapped in corrugated sheet metal and painted framed wood, with art installations residing within, creating an exterior artwork structure, with interior art. The structures blend into the industrial past of the Western Pennsylvania, while reflecting the current neighborhood surroundings of nature, buildings, lights, and streets.

Eastman’s work is often the result of long term concept planning and sketch-study development, resulting in series works.

Artist Statement 2017

My studio practice is focused on working in various series in multiple mediums of canvas, wood, paper, and metal, and now entire building structures.  As I continue to work, I am even more enamored with minimalism, abstract concepts, and space, whereas the negative space on the canvas is as important as the abstract focus object, and the bare minimum room is an element of the whole viewing experience. In essence, my abstract work is as much about the space as the work in it. I am in constant pursuit of what I call true abstract (ism), whereas providing a visual object, (painting, drawing, sculpture) that attempts to prompt the viewer into thoughts and impressions of their own is the objective, regardless of what those objects mean to me as an artist. If there is a end goal, it is perhaps to spur thinking, a focus, and communication between observers of the work.


Exhibits include BoxHeart Gallery,, Entity at Art Smiths of Pittsburgh with Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, FrameHouse & Jask Gallery with Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, Group A “Now at Boxheart Gallery (–now.html) Percolate Gallery ( Joel Hersh Private art collector Boca Raton Florida ( Panza Gallery Pittsburgh, Gallery Chiz ( Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Austerity and Self-Sustainability at FE Gallery , WOOD exhibit at the Elan Fine Art Gallery Sewickley PA, Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Annual at The Carnegie Museum of Art ( and The Andy Warhol Museum (

As of October 2017, John Eastman is represented by BoxHeart Gallery in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh, PA